Airbag Module Reset


An airbag light and its module are the last things on someone’s mind when they get in an accident. Most people don’t even know their airbag module location or what an airbag module reset is. The cause of the airbag light staying on is mostly due to a crash that causes it to activate but not harsh enough to deploy the airbag. The module gets “stuck” and has to be reset. Most of this involves having your car looked at by a mechanic and having them do the reset. What if you could just do it via mail without going to a mechanic? Let’s look into it a little further into getting the module reset and what causes it to stay on.

When your light stays on

Sometimes this is due to an accident and other times it could be faulty wiring, a bad sensor or any other cause. The main problem is that if the light stays on, then your airbags might not deploy when you need them. This is obviously a big issue and should be looked at right away.

You should take it to a mechanic first to see what the root cause is before looking into anything. If it is a wiring issue, then the mechanic would be your best option. When it’s determined that the module just needs to be reset then you can look at your options outside of getting it done in a mechanic shop.

Mail-in service for an airbag module reset

So now that you have it narrowed down to the module you can do your search. Start by doing an internet search for “how to reset airbag light” or “airbag reset near me” to get a good idea of what’s out there. A company called SafteyRestore should come up. They offer a great service to get your module reset. The process is pretty simple. You get your airbag module out of your car, mail it to them, and they’ll send it back within a day.

Wrap up

So know that you know a little about airbag modules and what causes them you can make an informed decision. Airbag lights can stay on for numerous reasons and the cause needs to be identified right away. The turn around time for SafetyRestore is pretty good and it’s a decent route to take for resetting your airbag module.

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