Seat Belt Retractor


Most people don’t know this but there is more to a seat belt then just the seat belt itself and where we buckle the seatbelt. When you are driving your car, the seat belt retractor is where the safety feature of a seatbelt is the most important. The seat belt retractor has a very important task to perform during a car accident. Even though the airbags in your vehicle are considered a safety feature, it can still be the cause of some injuries The purpose of the seat belt retractor is to keep you away from the airbag and preventing possible injury from the airbag. It is connected to the airbag module that controls the airbag system in your car and it is equipped with a gas charge that goes off when your car crash sensor detects the accident. Once these gas charges have been deployed, the seat belt is permanently locked and will no longer work since the seatbelt retractor is only equipped with one gas charge. The seat belt retractor will need to be repaired if you want it to work safely in the future.

Seat Belt Retractor Repair
In order to have your seat belt retractor repaired, the locked seat belt will need to be unlocked and the mechanism that permanently locks the seat belt during a crash will need to be rebuilt. Since seat belt retractors only have one gas charge, it will also need to be replaced as well as a new sensor to connect it to the airbag module so that the seatbelt can be readily available in the event of another accident and will work as it is supposed to.

Car accidents are not always the reason for having your seat belt retractor repaired though. When you take your seat belt off and get out of the vehicle and the seat belt retractor slow to pull your seat belt back into the retractor can mean that your seat belt retractor spring could be faulty. If you don’t know how to fix a sagging seat belt or if your seat belt stuck in the holder, consider having it repaired sooner than later. Regardless of what the issue is with your seat belt, if you want your seat belt to work like they are supposed to, it will need to be repaired. Seat belt retractor repair can be a very affordable option instead of the cost of replacement.

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