Seat Belt Repair or Wishful Thinking?


So, you’ve been in an accident and your seat belt isn’t in the world of the working. Get ready for, at least, a couple of hundred dollars to get it back to working again. Want more bad news? The price only goes up from there. Regardless of what the cause; dog chewed through the belt, it won’t retract, it’s locked, no tension, or it simply doesn’t work, you’re looking at a big chunk out of your wallet for seat belt repair.

Before you panic, there’s a real help for your seat belt issues out there. Check out Safety Restore Post Accident Restoration at and be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Not only is the price less than half that of the usual seat belt repair, but they also guarantee the job for life.

Now that I have your attention, there’s more good news! With Safety Restore, you don’t even have to head out to the shop, you simply send it in and they send it back, usually within 24 hours, with the knowledge that you’ll never need a repair on it again. If there’s a chance that you’re not satisfied, Safety Restore will give you a full refund. Not convinced yet? There’s more!

The technicians use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, and their repair will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specs. Many shops use resistors to bypass the belt buckle, which is a way of fooling the system. At Safety Restore, the repairs are on the up and up, and with their parts and integrity, you can have complete peace of mind.

If you’re worried that they won’t have parts for your vehicle, there’s no need. Those parts are available in every possible make and model, going back to 1996. How many times do you hear that a shop always has the parts on hand? If you’ve had similar experiences to mine, the answer to that is NEVER!

If none of that impresses you, and you decide to leave their website, they’ll offer you a 15% off coupon for any service. It seems like a no-brainer when it comes to seat belt repair, there’s only one place to go; Safety Restore.

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